I recently watched the movie Annilhation. It’s not my usual type of movie (I’m not much into sci-fi or scary movies) but so many friends recommended it. In that way you could tell it wasn’t a feel-good kind of epic sci-fi, but a “that really made me think and I’m still thinking about it” kind of movie.

Near the end of the movie, when trying to explain what she witnessed, the main character said, “It wasn’t destroying… it was changing everything. It was making something new.”

What an analogy for the Christian life. For better or worse, we can destroy things and then build them back up into something new.

I remember hearing about how difficult the Bible Content exam was when I first began seminary. It was legnedary. The seminary president said he failed it. The theory was that taking the test was about humbling the students as they entered the seminary experience… breaking them down.

Sometimes we must break down in order to build something new. Sometimes we can break ourselves down too much and perhaps even build the wrong thing up in its place. This is what’s so tricky about building.

I’m thinking I need to leave it all the Builder.


I am linking up for Five Minute Friday a five-minute free write with a word prompt each week. Today’s prompt is “Include.”



9 Comments on “build

  1. I love your last line so much! (i also saw that movie and it is NOT my type at all… but yes… very thought provoking and I had the same feelings about it! I enjoyed it, and enjoyed dissecting and talking about it… but not enough to read the book.)


  2. Yes, I also love the last line.
    And at Bible college I also had the experience of being confused and overwhelmed when I thought I was going to be learning new stuff… but in some ways it forced us to re think through everything.


  3. It’s so true that it’s often only when we feel broken down that we can know God building us up. I’m glad that he is a builder who knows what he is doing!

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  4. Great essay. We often can’t see what’s being rebuilt in the midst of destruction but the nad of God is always working. I love your site by the way. Great quote at the top.

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