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Forgiveness and Stuff

As we enter Holy Week, I leave you with the amazing words of another… Corrie Ten Boom. It was at a church service in Munich that I saw him, a former S.S. man who had stood guard at the shower room door in the… Continue Reading “Forgiveness and Stuff”

Gin and Bitterness

What I’m listening to: Reindeer Section’s You are My Joy . Don’t get the wrong idea by the title of this post – I’m not a Gin drinker. Actually, I’m not a drinker. But that’s irrelevant for the sake of this post. But I… Continue Reading “Gin and Bitterness”

The Space Between

What I’m listening to: Santus Real’s Fight the Tide I remember the first time I heard a Dave Matthews song. It was well before they were mainstream and I was standing in line at the cafeteria and two people I knew were singing: What… Continue Reading “The Space Between”


What I’m listening to: PFR’s Disappear Why in the world do we thinking by avoiding something the problem will go away? Maybe it’s a situation, a person, a sin we want to oversome. Something in our life that’s a thorn in our side, something… Continue Reading “Avoidance”

Repair or Replace?

What I’m listening to: Fleming and John’s Delusions of Grandeur I’m running errands over my lunch break today and I’ve got the radio tuned to New Life Live by default – I’m usually listening to The Bridge , a local christian radio station, when… Continue Reading “Repair or Replace?”